Deconstructing the . . . Green Bathroom

This smart bathroom is environmentally friendly and technologically up-to-task.

The soft color palette from Mitch and Kim Miller’s master bedroom extends into their Glenwood Park master bathroom with the addition of natural light. Sliding pocket doors save space while emitting light from the south-side bedroom.

Natural Light  Transoms above all doors allow natural light in, reducing the need for electricity, as does the arch over the shower entry.

Task Lighting  Task fixtures eliminate the need for extensive lighting. Pimlico double swing arm wall light, Circa Lighting, (404) 233-4131.

Countertops  Zodiaq quartz countertops by DuPont are impervious to moisture,


Water Heater  An on-demand hot water system senses room occupancy and signals for hot water to be pumped to faucets before water is turned on, reducing waiting and wasted water and energy.

Irrigation  An irrigation system reuses bath and shower water after mixing it with collected rainwater.

Ventilation  Energy-efficient bath fans vented to the exterior silently remove unwanted moisture. Tile backer and fiberglass-faced wallboard resist mold growth.

Expert How-To Advice  Kohler how-to expert Ed Del Grande offers tips for making your bathroom water-efficient.

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