Deconstructing the . . . Young Woman’s Green Bedroom

A designer’s daughter gets her dream bedroom with repurposed materials and a breezy new look.

In the bedroom of her teenaged daughter, interior designer Barbara Dornbush created “the maximum amount of fun with a minimum amount of guilt.” Drawing from her own personal philosophy of sustainable design, Dornbush incorporated thoughtful elements in an eco-sensitive manner, replacing several of her daughter’s furniture items and accessories with more sustainable options. The result, according to Dornbush’s shades-of-green scale, is a bedroom that meets medium-green standards.

Fabrics  All fabrics, including the window treatments, are Creation Baumann’s Curry through Donghia, ADAC, (404) 842-0760. The drapery rod was made from recycled metal by S Designs at Smith Grubbs & Assoc., ADAC, (404) 239-9206.

Bedding  The sheets are 100 percent organic cotton by Anna Sova through Eco-Bella, (404) 815-4280. The mattress is from Pure Life, Healthy Home, (404) 634-5590. The biodegradable, hypoallergenic pillow made with non-toxic dyes is Looolo through Verde Home, (678) 927-9113.

Flooring  Carpet was nixed because of the daughter’s allergies, and the floors were refinished with BonaKemi Eon 70, a natural, clear water-based stain and polyurethane,

Paint  Walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s low-VOC Eco-Spec in Stem Green.

Bed Frame  Dornbush custom-designed the recycled metal bed when the antique Venetian bed her daughter fell for proved too over-the-top for the budget. Custom-made by Smith Grubbs.

Table  The base of the bedside table was made from recycled metal; the white marble top was fashioned from scrap stone by David Nelson at Stone Improvements, The Donghia glass lamp sitting on the table is lit with a compact florescent bulb, available at Home Depot.

Barbara Dornbush
Dornbush Design Studio
(404) 378-2188