Family Matters

For a pair of empty nesters, Susan Bozeman and Greg Busch blended old and new to create a casual yet polished house designed with the couple—and their extended family—in mind

For one Buckhead couple, home base has changed addresses a few times over the past 20 years. There was the house they built to accommodate their young and growing family, and later, the townhouse they downsized to upon becoming empty nesters. Realizing they missed having a yard where their grandchildren could play, they recently embarked on building a new homestead, one designed to appeal to each generation, especially their children and grandchildren who live close by and visit often. 

“A tailored cottage” is how architect Greg Busch describes the house, which is located off of Peachtree Battle Avenue. Granting his clients’ wish for a moderately sized, less-formal residence, Busch conceived a comfortable house with rooms that are, in the architect’s words, “as large as they need to be.” When it came to the home’s interiors, the couple did as they have for their previous residences and engaged the help of designer Susan Bozeman, who has worked for the homeowners for more than two decades. But rather than go wholly traditional as she did on their first project together, this time Bozeman took a more up-to-date approach, one which respected the couple’s existing collection of traditional furniture and antiques. “Like so many people, the homeowners love their antiques, but we wanted them to feel fresher,” explains Bozeman, who did just that by introducing transitional-style pieces and contemporary art to the mix and imbuing rooms with a sense of lightness.  

Foregoing bright colors for soft, tranquil tones, the designer tailored a color palette of neutral shades with blue accents to the wife, explaining, “She is blond and fair, and one of her favorite colors is blue, so a lighter color palette fits into her realm more than vivid colors.” Cumbersome curtains were also shunned, with lightweight fabrics, such as sheers, chosen to soften windows without detracting from the view outdoors. Even the home’s finishes display a light touch, like the painted shiplap used throughout the house, which strikes a dressed-down note and keeps the interiors from skewing too formal.

This balance between casual feeling and polished looking extends to the home’s furnishings, which range from Gracie wallpaper and French antiques to sisal rugs and cowhide. While this mix is equally sophisticated and easygoing, it’s the latter quality that is really at the heart of this home’s design. Immensely livable to its empty-nest owners, the house has proven likewise to the rest of the family as well.


INTERIOR DESIGN Susan Bozeman, Susan B. Bozeman Designs, Inc. (404) 237-7745; ARCHITECTURE Greg Busch Architects. (404) 252-8073; LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Carson McElheney, Carson McElheney Landscape Architecture & Design. (404) 467-1690;