Flair & Balance

Alpharetta’s Restaurant Holmes pairs a historic setting with modern, eclectic appeal

Diverse yet simple dishes and playful cocktails abound at Alpharetta’s Restaurant Holmes, located in the renovated circa-1914 Jones House. Helmed by chef and owner Taylor Neary—formerly of Marcel and St. Cecilia—the restaurant’s exterior is classic, but the interior tells another story, showcasing eye-popping murals by Atlanta artist Greg Mike in the dining room and graffiti and skateboards on the walls, mingling with vintage features such as the original fireplace. 

“When we found the Jones House, I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit,” admits Neary. “I think people often put restaurants in old houses that are traditional Southern restaurants or Southern food.” Ultimately, however, “that contrast intrigued me into making it exactly what we wanted,” he says. “To have the outside be a handsome, historic house and then the inside represent what we are at Holmes—very different and eclectic. We wanted to create a new scene that the area didn’t have.”

On the menu, you’ll find American-influenced small plates designed for sharing and dictated by local ingredients and produce, along with a creative cocktail program led by Sam Schilf, formerly of Local Three and Seed Kitchen & Bar. And the restaurant’s OTP location allows a hands-on farm-to-table experience, says Neary. “Being outside the perimeter, especially in Alpharetta, my farms are 2 miles away on a 2-acre piece of property. They’re cutting lettuce in the morning, bringing them to me, and in 45 minutes, they’re on the plate.” 

“We didn’t want to be pretentious, but we wanted our passion to shine through,” he adds. “We wanted people to come and hang out and try a bunch of different food. I think it’s just more fun.”