Hometown Hero

Enjoy diner staples with an elevated twist at Peachtree Battle’s newest eating destination ROSHAMBO 

As a tribute to the city of Atlanta, partners Ryan Turner, Todd Mussman and Chris Hall of restaurant group Unsukay bring to life their latest concept Roshambo. Located inside the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center, restaurant-goers will be pleasantly surprised at what all is behind “The Diner’s Diner” light-up sign.

“Todd, Ryan and myself are all transplants,” says Hall. “We chose this city and are proud to live here, raise our families here and call Atlanta home.” Also the brains behind Muss & Turner’s, Local Three Kitchen & Bar and MTH Pizza, the trio dedicates Roshambo to the love they have for the city and its people.

“Roshambo is the traditional name for the game also known as Rock, Paper, Scissors,” says Hall. “And since we are modeling ourselves after a diner, we replaced it with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.” Chef Kevin Leveille describes Roshambo’s dishes as seasonal diner classics with a nod to the history of the space.

“We pay homage to Jim White’s old restaurant that was located in the shopping center with our Blackened Redfish Pontchartrain, and provide our own takes on diner classics at the same time,” says Leveille. Separated into different dining categories, guests can choose from a variety of dishes from the menu like the Elvis French Toast made with peanut butter mousse, banana, bacon and maple syrup or the Steak Dinner paired with a loaded potato and garlic broccolini. As an added thrill, each food item is plated on a painted hand representing rock, paper or scissors, and diners are encouraged to guess which symbol they have under their entree.

“We want guests to have fun with the atmosphere and food,” says Leveille, “just as we do.”

For the drinks, think authentic cocktails shaken to perfection. “I would describe the cocktails as absolute classics, made as they were originally,” says beverage manager Jonathan Kloepping. “Not only is our cocktail list very familiar for people who have been around a bar or two, but teaching our staff the history of these cocktails and where they originated helps to embrace the history and culture of the drink.”

Designed by Amy Price of Starling Studio, John Boggs of Phase 5 Creative, and Bart Sasso of Sasso & Co. alongside Hall, Mussman and Turner, Roshambo’s interior exudes a cozy, yet stylish diner setting with plenty of Atlanta representation. Hall characterizes the design as a steady diet of wit, whimsy and irreverence.

“Everything in Roshambo is there for a reason and has a story behind it,” says Hall. “Very little is random; that’s the way we like it—authentic and personal.” roshamboatl.com