In Good Flavor

Channeling inspiration from the coastal Italian city of Rimini, Storico’s YEPPA & CO. excels in enticing fare, cocktails and atmosphere

Earlier this year, Storico group, the brains behind in-town Italian eateries Storico Fresco, Storico Vino and Forza Storico, debuted their latest concept Yeppa & Co. Located inside Buckhead Village District, guests will feel as though they’ve transported to a lively eatery on the coast of Northern Italy.

Designed and built by partners Pietro Gianni, a civil engineer, and Stephen Peterson, an architect, Yeppa & Co. intentionally encourages human interaction via the long and narrow bar and seamless indoor and outdoor dining layout. “Before opening, I had called the experience at Yeppa a bit of a sensory overload, but what we have achieved is actually a very balanced mix of lighting, sound, paint colors, flatware, glassware and more,” says Gianni.

To execute an authentic experience, fresh ingredients are flown in from Italy in order to prepare a delectable selection of dishes (think focaccia pizzas and gnocchi con sugo di margherita complete with fresh-made ricotta gnocchi). “It took us about a year to make certain that specific products from the Emilia-Romagna region would arrive to Atlanta in a steady flow,” says Gianni. “Our focaccia, which is made in Rimini, is flash frozen and shipped to us. It’s a very versatile product, extremely stable and can be reheated in minutes.” Additionally, Italian chef Omar Casali (from Maré) and his sous-chef Rebecca Dallara visit in three-month stints to assist Yeppa’s chef de cuisine Omar Santamaria.

After dinner, guests can make their way to Dryver Bar, a Formula One-driven cocktail bar situated adjacent to the main dining area with a separate entrance. “Gianni was a test-driver for race cars and brings that experience to Atlanta,” says beverage manager Jose Pereiro. “We have designed the space with the feel of being on the racetrack. The cocktail program consists of an elevated and well-crafted cocktail menu with modern culinary techniques that I have learned from my travels, especially to Italy and Mexico.”

As for the term itself, “Yeppa is an expression that describes an existential vision,” says Peterson. “It is the ability to live life passionately and intensely. It originated in a particular region in Italy—Romagna—and perfectly expresses hospitality and the joy of living.”