Lolita Robinson

AH&L: You used to work for Ralph Lauren at Lenox Square. Whatís different about the clientele at Henredon in Perimeter Place?

Lolita Robinson: We get a lot of people from Alpharetta and the Dunwoody area who don’t want to go all the way down to Lenox to shop. Some of my old clients followed me up here, but there are so many new people, too. Since we opened [in August] the traffic has really picked up and I can only see it getting busier.

AH&L: When someone comes into Henredon and isn’t sure where to start, how do you help them?

Robinson: First, I listen to them. I learn about their family, if they have kids, or pets, what kind of lifestyle they have, and what they want their home to feel like, and we move on from there. And then I let them know that it’s not just Henredon, that we have Ralph Lauren, Barbara Barry and more.

AH&L: What do you love about the furnishings in your store?

Robinson: Everything is so timeless. I can start with a chair or a couch and build an entire room around it, or I can help someone find an accessory or one new piece and it will fit with what they already have. It’s such a lifestyle, nothing goes to waste, and it all still goes together even years later. And people always say, ‘I wouldn’t think that those go together, but it really looks nice.’ That makes me feel really good.

AH&L: How do you give your clients the best service possible?

Robinson: We do free in-home visits for every client that wants one. We’ll come to your house, see the set up, the rooms you’d like done, and play off what kind of feeling we get in your home. We also do custom draperies and bedding. You can come into the store, see a fabulous bed all made up, and walk out with all of it for your home. Plus, you can choose the fabric, the color and all the details you want.

AH&L: What’s coming up?

Robinson: Last month, the St. Regis collection arrived. We’re also expanding Ralph Lauren into a whole other room in April; it’s just so popular. I want people to see that our inventory is always changing. I want it to surprise them.

Henredon, 4550 Olde Perimeter Way, Suite 100; (770) 698-7699,