Pattern at Play

With interior designer Andrew Howard at the helm, the owner of this Atlanta pied-à-terre goes all in

When it comes to decorating, dabbling in a pattern or two is fun, but few have the bravado to dive in headfirst like the owner of this colorful Atlanta pied-à-terre.

“What made this project so fun was that we rarely had to push the restraint button,” says interior designer Andrew Howard. “The client was really up for taking any sort of ‘risky’ fabric and using it not just on a pillow, but in a much bigger way.”

It’s Howard’s knack for effortlessly combining intriguing patterns and colors that led the homeowner to seek him out. After having seen Howard’s work in a neighboring condo (which was previously featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles’ May 2017 issue), she tasked the designer with creating a space that reflected her Western roots and incorporated unique pieces of art she had collected during her world travels.

“Given her love of art, I really wanted the fabrics to have an artistic quality to them. And if you were to frame them, they might look like real paintings,” notes Howard. It’s a concept that really comes to life in the combination living-and-dining room, where painterly patterns grace nearly every inch of space. The effect is never dizzying though, thanks to variations in scale and a focused color palette. “In this room, the pattern on the draperies has a tighter scale than the squares on the rug which helps keep the look from becoming overwhelming,” explains Howard. “And in any project, I like to have one unifying color and then have the rest of the room evolve from there.”  

Howard was also mindful of the homeowner’s desire to decorate with intention. Textiles and accents weren’t selected solely for aesthetics, but also for “the tale they tell,” he says. So in a nod to her former residence out West, window treatments in the den resemble a Western tapestry while a unique woven headboard in a guest room sparks a similar story.

“We decided early on to incorporate some Western touches, but I didn’t think it needed to feel like an old saloon,” says Howard. “So, there was a very fine line to walk where we made it feel more artsy and urban, and reflective of what’s going on in downtown Atlanta, which is amazing, but at the same time an eclectic mix of things that could be from all over the world.”

She travels so much and sees so many different things, that I had to keep up with her,” he adds with a laugh. “It was a really fun experience to design for someone who isn’t afraid to push the envelope.”

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