Lived-in Luxe

Andrew Howard transforms a newly built home into an inviting family retreat thanks to his classic-meets-refreshed aesthetic.

When Keely Woodall began the process of putting down roots along the Florida coast, she wanted to bring a piece of home with her. Her young family of four had recently relocated from Atlanta to Jacksonville, and she wasn’t quite ready to fully trade in her love of classic style for coastal.

Rising to the challenge were Cronk Duch Architecture and Andrew Howard Interior Design. Although a new construction, the home’s exterior—a combination of stucco and brick with a shake roof—was designed with vintage charm and meant to be reminiscent of homes in Atlanta. “The ultimate goal was to make it look like the home had been here for 30 or 40 years,” says interior designer Andrew Howard. The architectural plan called for the application of mortar over large swaths of brick to give the illusion it had been repainted over decades.

The interiors hold an equally storied appeal but with a slightly more modern edge. “I wanted it to feel like a collected home that had recently been updated,” explains Howard. He incorporated antiques and vintage pieces from the Woodalls’ former residence among new, custom furnishings to achieve his classic-meets-refreshed aesthetic. For example, a midcentury sideboard mixes comfortably with whimsical draperies in the bold blue-lacquered dining room, while the family’s beloved green leather chairs add a pop of color in the white oak–paneled family room.

“You don’t want to move into a new house and have all new stuff. That can quickly make it feel like a furniture showroom,” says Howard. “As a designer, I think we would be doing our clients a disservice if we walk in and dictate what stays and what goes, as there’s memories attached to certain pieces. Rather, my philosophy is ‘let’s plan and see how these things can coexist in a room as the project develops.’ It’s all about give and take for all parties.”

This rings especially true in the daughter’s bedroom, which came with a request that it be coral and purple. To prevent the space from becoming overwhelming, Howard presented a softer salmon color that appeased everyone and provided the backdrop for a purple chair, making for a happy daughter and designer.

“This project was more about a relationship than decorating, and I think every house for me is that way,” says Howard. “I want this to be a fun process, not something everybody loses sleep over. I believe that the best homes are created by developing a friendship with your client. If I see Keely and her family out at lunch, you can bet we’re all happy to see each other.”

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