Piedmont Project

An adaptive reuse project aims to provide a community gathering spot on a prominent corner in Midtown. Located at the corner of Piedmont Avenue and 12th Street and expected to open mid-2023, the 12th & Everything project will be composed of two buildings with a coffee shop, restaurant and a new location of the city’s oldest roller skate and skateboard shop. A 2,315-square-foot stone and cedar building at 1084 Piedmont will have a restaurant and upstairs terrace with a gable-covered bar that is inspired by the park. A canopy structure will connect that building to 1094 Piedmont, which will be around 1,500 square feet, and it will be home to PMA Coffee and the new location of Skate Escape. “It feels really good to be able to create something that the community wants to gather around,” says project general manager Danielle Glasky.

Outdoor seating planned at the coffee shop is inspired by sidewalk cafes in Paris and New York, with an abundance of greenery in the design. “Overall, our goal was to make it feel like it blended into the residential landscape,” she says. Partners are smallwood and Cherry street energy.