Simply Sophisticated

Courtney and Randy Tilinski fashion a soft and serene scheme in their winsome Westside cottage.

When Bungalow Classic proprietors Courtney and Randy Tilinski set out to create their charming Memorial Park cottage, it was a true labor of love. Though it perfectly embodies their timeless taste today, the 1950s residence was a royal wreck when the couple found it 13 years ago, having sat virtually untouched since the ’70s. Randy initially balked at its condition, but he loved the loftiness of the wooded lot and its proximity to their newly opened Westside shop, while Courtney saw beauty beneath the clutter.

Three years after slugging through a laborious cleanup process on their own, the couple called Atlanta architect William B. Litchfield for the real work, beginning a design collaboration Courtney describes as “a match made in heaven.”

Renovations, which began with cedar shake shingles on the exterior, were designed to defer to, rather than compete with, the neighborhood’s prevailing aesthetic. Expanding the footprint outward instead of upward, they still managed to stagger several of the ceiling heights, creating a pleasing rhythm from room to room. The living room benefited most from this dramatic treatment, its previously long, aperture-like proportions now soaring to a steep pitch, framed neatly with rustic wood beams.

Once-narrow hallways were expanded by an entire foot, establishing a breezy passage while maximizing sight lines from the front to the back of the house. Wooden wall paneling and lovely windows—loads of them—reflect further hallmarks of Litchfield’s handiwork, adding architectural character as they brighten dark corners. “There’s a New England charm to it, but also a California lightness,” Randy says of the residence.

To enhance every detail, the Tilinskis executed a monochromatic palette Randy compares to “coffee and cream.” The serene, neutral scheme is perfectly suited to their busy lifestyle, which often includes working overtime. “We call it our big hotel suite,” Courtney adds with a laugh. It’s such a simple, efficient little house … with everything in its place.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the duo’s decorating was also dialed back, incorporating pieces that are pretty but not precious—slipcovered linen upholstery, statement-making lamps, organic textures—reflecting the same spirit of their beloved Atlanta boutique.

“We bought a lot of things with the intention of putting them in the store, but we fell in love with them so much, we took them home with us,” Randy says. The antique Belgian bank vault, the Oly armoire, the weathered rabbit statuary on the dining table and even the curious eel baskets have followed the pair from home to home.

Ultimately, it’s their intuitive approach that makes the Tilinskis’ expertly executed design decisions appear so effortless; they see beyond the trends, choosing items that become not just current obsessions but bona fide classics.

INTERIOR DESIGN Courtney and Randy Tilinski, (404) 351-9120; ARCHITECTURE William B. Litchfield Design, 480 East Paces Ferry Road, Suite 4, Atlanta, GA. (404) 467-4600;