The Luxury of Inspiration

A roundup of our favorite rooms from the past year.

Mimi Williams

YELLOW FEVER  “Mimi William’s all-white bedroom at her mountain home was not only my favorite room, but also my favorite cover this year. The yellow accents add a little contrast and character while still keeping things simple and light. I could curl up under those sheets for a midday nap in the sunshine and be so happy!” – Rachel Cardina Lasserre


 Stan Topol

STATELY STYLE  “Equally sophisticated and serene, this library designed by Stan Topol is the perfect space for an avid reader like me to cozy up with a good novel.” – Sejal Bhima


 Phoebe Howard

EASY ELEGANCE  “No one does layers of softness like Phoebe Howard. Quality, custom linens and a light, soft, neutral palette create a cozy cocoon of a room that is just what the doctor ordered on a cold winter morning. Artwork and collected objects make the look even more personal, which is another thing Mrs. Howard does to a ‘T.'” – Kate Abney 


 Walker Residence

PERSONAL STYLE  “The minute I stepped into Katie and Ian Walker’s home, I was overwhelmed with inspiration; it truly reflects their distinct style. I completely fell for the insanely wonderful mix of styles, textures, colors and patterns—and I adore Katie’s refined attention to detail!” – Rachel Cardina Lasserre


 Keith Summerour

RUSTIC & CHIC  “This kitchen, quite simply, tugs at my heartstrings. I love how Keith Summerour designed a wraparound porch for his own Towerhouse, then filled in one side to create this rustic-but-refined space. I could eat here, work here, spend every waking moment here.” – Heather J. Paper


 John Oetgen

POP PERFECT  “I wish you could bottle the impeccable taste of John Oetgen. He’s a master of the mix, proven once again in his own home, where Warner Panton chairs sidle up to a 19th-century version of a Louis XVI canapé. It’s the epitome of simple-but-smashing!” – Heather J. Paper


 Margaret Bosbyshell

BRIGHT &  BOLD  “I’m so taken with this guest bedroom by Margaret Bosbyshell because it’s so fresh! A soft coverlet and vivid pops of green just remind me of spring, while the ornate wallpaper, touches of Chinoiserie and gold make this room grounded and classic at the same time.” – Kate Abney


 Shon Parker

A NEW MIX  “Fresh, clean-lined designs always grab my attention. As a plus, this bathroom by Shon Parker features beautiful floor-to-ceiling wood paneling that elevates the space from simple to striking.” – Sejal Bhima


 Kay Douglass

SUNNY OUTLOOK  “I expect to find the unexpected in any Kay Douglass design, which is what I love about her work most. In her own living room, au natural elements—especially the pendant light fixture and a series of wooden stools—not only make it more intriguing but, in the process, more laidback and livable, too.” – Heather J. Paper