Trading Spaces

The Jane Group and The Drawing Room’s ADAC West office space is a high-style environment that works hard in their favor

When space became available in her office at ADAC West, it was a serendipitous moment for Janie Wilburn of The Jane Group and Seth van den Bergh of The Drawing Room. Both had previously worked adjacent to each other in the unit when van den Bergh designed for another studio. Today, now both successfully heading their own design businesses, the pair is reunited with a new sense of community.

Though Wilburn and van den Bergh have different aesthetics, the studios embody a cohesive residential ambience that highlights both of their tastes. “Seth and I are fairly different and I think our styles offset each other in an interesting way,” says Wilburn. “His space is kind of edgy and cool and mine is more tailored and calm. I love the balance.”

The bones of the office had seen better days, and the pair were eager to infuse a brighter, fresher appeal that still functioned in their favor. Worn concrete floors were swapped with a dog-friendly option (at times, the office has hosted up to five dogs and seven employees simultaneously), and to delineate the layout, the studios introduced a set of arches—one serving as the entrance to The Drawing Room and the other providing access to the shared restroom and storage closet.

The full-service kitchenette—designed more as a library or bar and doubling as The Drawing Room’s presentation space—enlisted neighboring friends for its facelift. Rich paneled cabinetry by Bell Cabinetry & Design anchors impressive stonework, Waterworks faucetry and appliances from Smeg through SR Appliance Depot. “Function was critical and we wanted all the things that make it easy to work here all day long,” says Wilburn.

Adding layers of beauty and texture are the various collections displayed in each space. In The Drawing Room, the sofa, glass table and wall sconces are original designs unique to the studio and are paired with treasured objects. At The Jane Group, two large islands with storage underneath are a handsome accompaniment to styled shelving and clutter-free work zones. Both avid art collectors, each space displays works that hold special memories for the designers. “What truly makes our spaces distinctive are the collected objects that adorn it,” says van den Bergh. “Each piece carries its own significance or history, aligning seamlessly with our design philosophies.”

Now, the office is so much more than just a workspace, says van den Bergh. “It’s a harmonious fusion of work and leisure, surrounded by captivating art and cherished treasures—a place that not only facilitates our creative process but also serves as the wellspring of our inspiration.”

And Wilburn agrees. “We created a workspace where we have autonomy and physical room to spread out and a collaborative studio where we can share ideas and resources alike. Design is an opportunity to change the way people live, and it’s a lot of fun to do it in a space that we created together.”