True Americana

For over a hundred years and counting, fame and fortune has flocked to THE GREENBRIER 

Situated among the Allegheny Mountains in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, is The Greenbrier—a world-renowned resort complete with a compelling past. The story begins in 1778 when crowds started to arrive in the area in hopes the nearby spring water would cure illnesses. By the 1830s, the mountainous refuge became a beloved summer vacation spot for Southerners seeking an escape from heat and humidity. Formally known as the Old White hotel, the estate braved the Civil War and completion of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. The C&O Railway purchased the property in 1910, beginning its evolution to the resort known and loved today.

In 1946, designer Dorothy Draper—who is known for her anti-minimalism—was hired to complete a full interior renovation, outfitting The Greenbrier with bright colors, patterned furnishings and unique wallcoverings. As a result, The Greenbrier and the Dorothy Draper brand have become almost synonymous, attracting acclaimed guests throughout the years such as John F. Kennedy and Princess Grace of Monaco.

“It’s special because it’s a true Americana home,” says Carleton Varney, owner and president of Dorothy Draper & Company, Inc. “There is really no other property like it—the resort captures the essence of another era merged with all of today’s updated amenities.”

Indeed, the retreat boasts bustling activities such as golf, horseback riding, tennis and more. As a nod to its past, The Greenbrier Spa offers soaking treatments like “The Greenbrier Sulphur Soak” that uses the famed spring water to ease tired muscles and relieve pain.

When it comes to dining, there is no shortage of options. With elegant chandeliers hanging overhead, the ever popular Main Dining Room is a favorite spot for a grand Southern breakfast and an atmosphere that transports guests to the hotel’s earlier days.

The brainchild of Varney, The Greenbrier also plays host to the acclaimed Dorothy Draper Weekend—next held in March of 2023—which has been uniting design enthusiasts for over 50 years with tours of the upholstery shop, various design activities, one-on-one time with Varney himself and more. “Each year, we have more and more Dorothy Draper enthusiasts and Greenbrier guests who sign up to join us,” says Varney. “People love the decor and ambience here, and with each update we continue to please the guests who have visited for years, as well as gain new fans.”