At Ease

Melanie Turner Interiors cultivates a statement-making fresh start for a bachelor and his young son in Buckhead.

When single father Jon Winsett was looking to make a fresh start in his newly purchased Buckhead home, he entrusted the task of this new beginning to designer Melanie Turner. Having long admired Turner’s clean and edited aesthetic, he gave the designer and her associate Jill Tompkins free rein in creating a comfortable home for him and his young son that was equal parts stylish and functional.

Recalls Turner, “Our aesthetics lined up, so he was open to everything we presented,” the first of which included bold drapery panels in nearly every room. Thoughtfully selected drapery motifs—such as the tribal print in the son’s nursery that pays homage to his maternal South African heritage—also work to inject energy into purposely pared-down rooms, creating calm yet powerful spaces. 

And while “bachelor pads” typically follow a dark wood-and-leather design formula, Turner encouraged Winsett to go for the unexpected. “Our job is to push clients a little out of their comfort zone but still be conscious of what they’re seeking,” she says. Homing in on Winsett’s original directive for a stylish and sophisticated home, Turner employed her trademark juxtaposition of masculine and feminine elements for an alluring effect.

In the master bedroom, a delicate cascading chandelier and soft color palette temper the room’s more ornate and substantial furnishings, while a series of metal flowers framed in acrylic boxes graces the living room. “We love how they have beautiful feminine silhouettes yet are mounted on this dark linen and made of an earthy metal,” notes Turner. “We’re always riding that balance in our designs, as it’s important for both men and women to feel at ease in any given space.”

This project also required that its youngest occupant feel at ease. No room is off-limits to the son, thanks to a mix of kid-friendly fabrics, such as a waxed-linen reading chair in the master bedroom, and genius storage solutions (the living room coffee table features hidden drawers for crayons and books). The designers also included additional seating in the kitchen, “as boys typically eat over the sink,” jokes Turner. 

With accommodating the father and son’s lifestyle as their ultimate goal, Turner and Tompkins repurposed the existing dining room into an in-home gym and playroom, as the living room’s large proportions were able to accommodate a dining table for six. With the kitchen in full view from the new combination living/dining room, the open-concept floor plan accommodates conversation and closeness, essentials for any great family home.

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