Wander Lust

Visions of “the good life” prove the ultimate form of escapism, from Palm Beach and New York to Britain and France

Royal Treasure 

British tastemaker Ashley Hicks  provides rare access into the most splendid rooms of the London residence of Britain’s royal family in Buckingham Palace: The Interiors (Rizzoli, $55). From opulently decorated State Rooms to the Throne Room, used for costume balls in the 1840s, the book is essential for devotees of the royal family. 


French Fantasy 

French decorator Jacques Garcia provides an intimate tour of the 17th-century masterpiece Château de Villette (Rizzoli, $75) after a painstaking restoration of the historic house and gardens to their original splendor. The spectacular results, depicted through fresh photography, are a museum-like ode to inimitable French craftsmanship.


Personal Space  

Creating interiors that are both meaningful and fulfilling are the subject of Paloma Contreras’ Dream Design Live (Abrams, $35). From thinking creatively about your design approach to improving your life, Contreras provides an accessible but beautiful look at the decorating process.  


Masters of Design

Get to know the 100 most important designers of the past century with this discerning look at design heroes from across the world. Edited by Stephen Drucker and written by Jennifer Boles, Inspired Design (Vendome, $75) tells the story of decorating in one volume. 


Style Epicenter 

Exceptional and unforgettable rooms—from Brooke Astor’s library by Albert Hadley to Jamie Drake’s dining room for the mayor’s residence—are the subject of New York Splendor (Rizzoli, $85). From grand and groundbreaking to spare and modern, these gasp-worthy spaces make an indulgent read.


Old Grandeur 

One of our country’s most enduring architectural landscapes—and its social dynamics—are the subject of Palm Beach: An Architectural Heritage (Rizzoli, $65), which details the meticulous restoration of more than 30 award-winning houses and buildings with heritage.


Fun & Flamboyant 

Greg Natale, a native Australian, is known for his signature interplay of pattern and design, and The Patterned Interior (Rizzoli, $55), illustrates the tastemaker’s unique lens, through interiors that are at once sophisticated, adventurous and robust with character.  


Dream House  

Celebrated interior and home furnishings designer Thomas O’Brien invites readers inside his Long Island home and studio space with his third book, Thomas OBrien: Library House (Abrams, $60). An avid collector, his Library House is both guesthouse and design studio—and an ode to the treasures that inspire him.


Dazzling Display 

Former director of old-guard British firm Colefax & Fowler, decorator Veere Grenney specializes in interiors that blend comfort with charm, practicality with beauty. In Veere Grenney: A Point of View (Rizzoli, $65), readers join him on a journey from early influences to the formation of his foundation for imaginative interiors.


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