15 under 40: Yvonne McFadden

Embracing the concepts of simplicity and functionality, interior designer Yvonne McFadden has been transforming high-end homes across the southeast into serene sanctuaries for more than eight years. With a knack for beautifully layering organic textures and monochromatic color palettes, McFadden’s work boasts a sophisticated yet tranquil verve thanks to her keen eye for editing. The in-demand designer has appeared in multiple designer showhouses, including the Decorators’ Show House & Gardens.

When did you know interior design was your calling in life? Initially, I wanted to become a furniture designer, however, it wasn’t offered as a major in school. So instead, I decided to focus on interior design and quickly realized that it allowed me to merge my passion for furniture with a new one.

You previously worked for Summerour Interiors. How did you know you were ready to strike out on your own, and when did you? It just seemed like a natural progression. As one project ended during my time there, I knew I was ready for a new challenge. I began my own firm in June 2010.

What advice would you give to others wanting to do the same? Learn to work with others well first, and listen to those around you. Soak up as much knowledge as you can from each job, and wait until you have truly discovered your own style to branch out on your own.

What’s your design philosophy? Keep it simple and allow each piece to speak for itself while creating the perfect harmony.

Whose work of the past do you hold in high regard? Ray Eames.

What materials do you love to work with?I love to work with reclaimed or antique wood because it has such a warmth and character that cannot be recreated. I also love working with natural stones such as quartzite, marble and limestone.


To view more of McFadden’s work, visit ymcfaddenllc.com.

{This year’s 15 under 40 class is presented by Mathews’ Furniture Galleries