A visit to Savvy Snoot’s new location

Last week I found myself in interior design heaven, and all by chance. On a trip to East Cobb’s Merchant’s Walk, the brand new, only three-week old Savvy Snoot and Marty Mason Collected Home joint-store caught my eye. And I was like a moth to a flame. This place captured my design taste to a “T.”

I got the chance to chat with Marty Mason himself””as charming a man as the products he offers. This East Cobb location marks Mason’s third Savvy Snoot store, with the other two in Atlanta and Alpharetta. All are an ideal shopping destination for exquisite high-end, refurbished consignment furniture and accessories, however this new East Cobb location is also home to the very first Marty Mason Collected Home store, whose line is similarly inspired by products carried in Savvy Snoot.

Mason explained that his Collected Home brand’s whole concept is to “mix it up;” mixing styles and genres to create a look as if one has long been collecting pieces for their home from all eras and styles””hence the name.  And hence why I was in love.

Mason’s Savvy Snoot side of the store has everything from small accessories to elegant furniture and artwork that makes for a breathtaking “collected look” living space or a quaint and unbelievably homey bedroom.

And if you thought these consignment pieces were something, you’ll be in love with how winsome the Collected Home products are.

Among the mass of swoon-worthy decor, Marty Mason Collected Home offers gorgeous pottery with a charming story behind it. Inspired  by his grandmother’s 1960′s pottery studio, Kay’s Mud Hut, Mason offers his take on similar pieces (and at an incredibly reasonable price!)

The double “M” logo that Mason has branded has also been an inspiration for many of the designs seen throughout the store. And it’s getting a lot of attention! Particularly the double “M” curtains, (seen below) which come in dozens of fabulous colors!

During my visit I was surrounded by so many marvels, I could ramble on about it all day. Clearly, Savvy Snoot and Collected Home has created quite a unique interior design shopping experience, but to top it off they also have a design bar with a team to cater to your every decorating need.  

Check out their website, or stop by one of their three locations to get a feel for yourself. I promise you’ll be just as impressed as I was. If you can’t find just the right time to fit in a visit, Mason is planning an open house/after-Thanksgiving event with great give-aways and savings …. You’ll be sure to be hearing more about it from me as the time gets closer!

Have you had a chance to visit Savvy Snoot? What are some of your favorite consignment shops?