Crowning Jewel: A classic accessory gives baths a new dimension

This week is AH&L’s annual contest judging for the “Bath of the Year” competition. With this year’s record number of entries I’m excited to see what emerging trends entrants have incorporated into their designs. But I’m also hoping that my favorite classic oversized accessory””a towering floor mirror””has made it into a few of the baths. Especially if it’s placed behind a dreamy bathtub. swoon. Here are a few of my favorite examples…

AH&L July 2009, designed by Amy Morris

All of the mirrors serve as stunning focal points, but beyond just their beauty, large mirrors in typically smaller spaces such as baths can visually expand the area. Another thing to note in first two pictures is the use of furniture that looks like it’s been lifted from a bedroom or living room, bringing with it a sense of warmth and coziness.

What’s your bathroom must-have?