Gorgeous Gift Wrapping

I’ve recently found myself cringing as I walk past displays of pre-packaged Santa Claus-adorned wrapping paper with tacky little sticky-bows to go on top. Growing up with a mother and grandmother who have practically made an art form out of gift-wrapping, I see no reason to not make something extraordinary out of the ordinary. There’s just something so magical about a beautifully wrapped gift, and it’s easy, you just have to think outside the box. Literally.

The first pointer: personality, personality, personality. And I mean that in more way than one. Wrap your gift in accordance to the recipient’s personality, but also let the package alone beam with it’s own character and charm. Here are a few examples of how unique and beautiful a present should be, and why you should never take a second glance at tacky wrapping paper again:

Fastening ornaments, jingle bells, or brooches to your ribbon or bow is a wonderful way to add flair and sparkle to your packages.

Or, if you’re feeling a little more eco-friendly, here are some creative ways to wrap the perfect present with materials you can find around your home or right in your back yard.

One last thought, the pages of newspapers, magazines, comic books, maps, and sheet music (to name a few) can also make for fun wrapping.

In short, brown paper and tree trimmings can be just as lovely as a big box with thick shiny wrapping and an over-sized dazzling satin bow, just as long as it has personality! What are some creative ways you love to wrap gifts? Let us know below!