Guest Bloggers Series: The Domino Effect

Editors’ note: To kick off showhouse season, we’ve asked Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath Studio for a sneak peek into the firm’s design process as it prepares for the opening of the 42nd annual Decorators’ Show House & Gardens on April 20.

All great designs require great execution. As Matthew noted, these amazing homes and exquisite architecture will whisper to you if you listen.  If you have, then you will have ‘heard’ the house and its owners speak and those words will have inspired a wonderful concept and a fully developed and detailed design.

The next step is to implement your plan.  This requires coordination of the interior designer, cabinet designer, craftsmen, installers, and the builder with all of his sub contractors.  Don’t forget the vendors for all the products you will need.  Hardware, lighting fixtures, specialty glass and mirror, tops, tile, and sometimes artisanal and commissioned work belong in this category in addition to fine cabinetry.

The first thing required is a detailed and accurate set of drawings for everyone involved.   Product specs and rough ins, when necessary, should be provided to the contractor so he can have the room ready when cabinets arrive.  These specs include lighting information.  Great lighting is critical to the success of any space.  Flooring, ceiling treatments, room and trim finishes will have to be selected as well as many other peripheral products in addition to cabinetry.  Product lead times need to be considered and communicated, selections approved, orders placed on time, and those items need to be on site when needed. All of these details, when done well, keeps the job moving and on schedule.

What this all comes down to is that trade professionals depend on each other because construction and remodeling is like a dance and it is subject to each other’s support.  A successful project is the culmination of a many people coming together in a complex domino effect.  When done well, it is like a brilliantly choreographed ballet.

This video clip lets you see the concept for “her” closet and master bath come to life.

Written by Laurie Lehrich