Homegrown Goodness

In my home, largely due to our Indian heritage, my family cooks from scratch everyday. Although this may sound daunting, it’s actually quite exciting in the warmer months when we have our very own garden of delicious veggies to choose from. Yesterday was a ripe day for picking!

We season chopped eggplant with lots of scrumptious spices.

Whether served on a salad or puréed into a sauce, tomatoes are a part of our daily diet.

Though not a personal favorite, the rest of my family loves to include green bell peppers in lots of dishes.

Indian cuisine tends to be spicy!

Indian bay leaves grow year-round and are a major component in many Indian dishes. During the winter months we move this potted plant indoors.

Also growing in our garden are beautiful hydrangeas. They always put a smile on my face!