Pillow talk: local duo creates artfully stylish accents

I’m now more than ever, a huge fan of anything made in the U.S., but especially something well made in the U.S. While jumping around from blog to blog, I stumbled upon Pillow Folly. This is an exquisite brand of decorative pillows, handmade and designed in our very own Southeastern region. The brand’s name originates from the dictionary meaning of folly: a thing extravagant and picturesque; created in a fanciful taste. And that’s just what the company produces! The pillows are made with beautiful fabrics, and are perfect for easily adding a little fun, color and style to any room of the house.

I was sold with just the bright colors and beautiful patterns alone, but once I read a little about the company itself, well, now I’m going to have to make a purchase just to show my support! On Pillow Folly’s website, the owners describe their business as a small-town effort. “We’re not a big manufacturer””we’re just two moms with a small design shop by the coast. Our products are not made overseas; we’re creating jobs for locals in small-town South Carolina who have families to support. We’re out of the rat race, and we want to keep it that way; we want to make your life beautiful by throwing a little Pillow Folly into it!”

Pillow Folly uses new, as well as vintage fabrics, and produces pillows in small numbers. Their designs run the gamut””from modern to traditional, chic to shabby””which makes their pillows a great match for all types of spaces and design tastes.

Below are a few of my favorites. Check out their website, and let us know your’s!

Ikat Throw Pillow, Nap Size – $72