Step Inside John C. Portman Jr.’s New Restaurant, JP Atlanta

How Chef Julio Delgado is redefining fine dining through an upscale yet approachable experience at the new downtown restaurant from renowned architect/developer John C. Portman Jr.

JP Atlanta is ushering in a new era of fine dining downtown—almost like the Midnight Sun when it debuted at peachtree center in 1965.
We invite diners to be part of a unique culinary experience that’s relaxed yet refined. We’re inspired by Atlanta’s local ingredients as well as by its global scope, both of which we incorporate into the artistry of our dishes.

Did you take inspiration from John Portman’s design legacy when creating the menu?
Absolutely. I looked to his projects, his architectural flow and his paintings, which amazed me the most. His art pieces generally feature four to five colors, max, and we tried to incorporate that into the food. None of our plates have more than four or five ingredients.

What was your goal for the cuisine?
Our goal was to represent the Portman legacy in Atlanta and to represent the city in the best way we can by offering the best locally sourced produce and ingredients. If you want to have a great product, locally sourced and served with warm Southern hospitality, we have that for you.

what sets JP Atlanta apart from other Atlanta restaurants?
You won’t see a more beautiful restaurant in downtown than this one. What I’m also proud of is the people who work with us. I’d say 90 percent of the staff is from Georgia. We believe in the community. We want to be Atlanta. We want to be able to say, “If you really want to experience the city, come to JP Atlanta.”

How is the restaurant representative of the city?
We’re not a Southern restaurant; we don’t do shrimp and grits, but we source our shrimp locally. Just honoring the flavor profiles of the region and where they come from. Atlanta has an amazing culinary history, and I think the great restaurants we have in the city are proof of that. We want to honor that.