5 questions for: Kevin Gillespie

With a second book fresh off the presses and a new restaurant opening this year, Gunshow’s owner and chef is taking the city’s food scene by storm.

How did you decide to focus on a single ingredient in your new book, Pure Pork Awesomeness?
I wanted to create a single-subject book that had more of a singular focus to it—kind of like our new restaurant, Revival. The clear choice was pork because that’s what people know me for and it’s something I’m passionate about. But what I’m more passionate about than anything is showing that pork has so many different uses.

Tell us about your newest venture, Revival, opening this summer in decatur.
Growing up in the South, we had Sunday Supper at my grandmother’s house every week. You’d get your entrée on a proper dinner plate and the rest of the table would be filled with side dishes for the family to pass and share. Revival is that in restaurant form; it’s a revival of the Southern cooking that’s traditional to this area and that I think is important to our culture.

How will Revival differ from Gunshow?
Whereas Gunshow is very masculine and boisterous, Revival is more feminine and soft. It’s meant to set a tone of of ‘Bring your family and come share this communion of food with us.’ But we don’t have to do it on Sunday afternoon; we do it every day of the week.

Does the new restaurant mean that barbecue concept Terminus City is now on hold?
It was challenging to find a space to build Terminus City because its style of cooking requires what is essentially a big bonfire. We decided for the time being to just keep it for catering, special events and as something that makes guest appearances at Gunshow and Revival periodically.

What else can we expect in 2015?
We’ll have our Hired Gun series at Gunshow, where we pull people from amazing restaurants around the world. I’m getting to work on hopefully a third book that’ll be on the docket for fall 2015. And I’m hoping to go on a vacation eventually.