A Place of Their Own

MUCH LIKE POOLS AND OUTDOOR living spaces have become necessities overnight thanks to COVID-19, the need for in-law suites or the desire to convert guest houses into places for their aging relatives to live in has greatly increased in Atlanta. “This could be due to baby boomers getting older, or to more people preferring to have their loved ones near as they grow older,” says BULENT
, principal architect at HARRISON DESIGN.  

“We’re looking at [creating senior living space] on almost every job. It’s on everyone’s mind,” says architect FRANK NEELY, who adds that accessibility is one of the primary feasibility factors. Converting a one-level pool house or a walk-in basement is a simple fix, but adding an elevator for upper-floor living can also be an option.   

Architect LINDA MACARTHUR draws from personal experience, as her mother-in-law lives with her family in a carriage house apartment. While it’s important to consult local ordinances about detached structure allowances, MacArthur advises to involve the family members who will call your house home. “Let them fully be a part of the discussion, and give them a say in the design,” she says.