Blurred Lines

Indoors and outdoors flow seamlessly in this mod Buckhead abode

Complete Cohesion is clear right away in this contemporary courtyard-centric Buckhead renovation. Situated on a wooded lot that’s shielded from the bustle of Atlanta by a canopy of trees and the soothing sounds of a creek, the owners handed husband-wife design duo, architect J. Ryan Duffey and interior designer Nancy Duffey, a clear design brief: “Trim away the poorly designed French country cottage and turn it into a hip home with great light, easy access and a constant connection to the outdoors,” explains Ryan. “These owners wanted easy living. The kitchen, living room, porch and pool had to be part of their everyday experience. They requested bedrooms that feel like a boutique hotel.” Ryan set out creating a suitable floorplan to energize the free-flowing oasis of a home. The entry aligns with the striking corner steel bay window, which connects the pool and the porch. It’s a clear testament to the vacation ethos of this home, which becomes apparent at guests’ very first knock. 

Nancy was pulled into the decorating role early in the project—another crucial aspect for the seamless exterior and interior aesthetic of this home, which she dubbed California modern. The owners told Nancy that they wished to live with the doors open and to feel tucked away up in the trees. She responded with a light-handed, but strategic push and pull of light yet sculptural furnishings punctuated with pops of color, texture and bold artwork. When it came time to create the outdoor living area, Nancy designed the space with the fruits of Northern California top of mind. “This porch needed to be calm and filled with comfortable furniture that calls you to come sit and have a glass of wine.” Together, the architect and designer created a perfectly synchronized approach to a fresh style of urban retreat living.