Book Look

Celebrate the arrival of spring by renewing your personal library with these sunny new tomes that promise to brighten—and enlighten!

You’re Invited 

If you have ever found yourself at a loss for party inspiration, look no further than Los Angeles-based socialite and superb hostess Stephanie Booth Shafran’s new book You’re Invited: Classic Elegant Entertaining (Rizzoli; $50). She details her eight favorite soirées with jaw-dropping photography and fun-to-read party planning encouragement. 


Designers and Dogs

Celebrating British country life, At Home in the English Countryside: Designers and Their Dogs (Rizzoli; $50) offers charming design ideas on how to live stylishly with canine companions. From rose bushes to Retrievers and antique porcelain to Cavalier King Charles spaniels, some of Great Britain’s best—like Paolo Moschino and Kit Kemp—take readers on romps all around their dog-friendly abodes. 


Hotel Secrets

Unlock hidden stories of the world’s most divine destinations in The Luxury Collection: Hotel Secrets (Assouline, $50). Featuring more than 100 hotels and resorts spanning five continents, the book takes explorers and thrill-seekers alike on a curated journey to exclusive sights. From royal Bangkok getaways to Frank Sinatra’s private Italian suite, experience rich culture and unbelievable history from around the globe without leaving your home. 


Garden for all Seasons

More than 180 pages document the exquisite but expansive 25-acre grounds in A Garden for all Seasons: Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Hillwood (Rizzoli; $50). The legendary Washington, D.C. estate, which is now open to the public, features 13-acres of formal gardens extending from the home’s terrace and porches that were designed to correspond with interior rooms. 


LVI Society Cookbook

Written with a similar spirit to a Junior League cookbook, albeit one with a Northern twist and some celebrity cameos, The Ladies’ Village Improvement Society Cookbook (Rizzoli; $45) marks the 125th anniversary of the well-known beach town’s nonprofit with a collection of its members’ recipes including some from Martha Stewart and Ina Garten. 


Soul of the Home

Renown antiques dealer and furniture designer, Tara Shaw, shares the hard-earned knowledge and secrets that she has learned throughout her career in Soul of the Home: Designing with Antiques (Abrams; $50). Shaw provides a comprehensive yet frank guide to buying and living with antique furniture in the 21st century that’s a must-read before your next trip to Scott’s. 


Buttermilk Kitchen

Southern hospitality radiates throughout Welcome to Buttermilk Kitchen (Gibbs-Smith; $30) by Suzanne Vizethann. The celebrated chef spills her secrets for Southern breakfast staples like kitchen playlists to get you moving and much more in a book that whispers “welcome home” with each turn of the page.


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