Book Look

As the summer sunshine fades away, AH&L shares the inspired reads we plan to cozy up with… all fall long

Style Comfort Home

After growing up in a household where he’d receive a five-dollar fine for sitting on his parents’ fancy furniture, designer Andrew Howard teaches readers how to create a happy, liveable, fine-free home in Style Comfort Home: How to Find Your Style and Decorate for Happiness and Ease. (Abrams, $40).

Dior and Roses

Stop and smell the roses in Dior and Roses (Rizzoli, $45). A true love affair between iconic couturier Christian Dior and the elegant bloom, readers will see through his most famous creations how roses were poetically woven into nearly all of his masterpieces—from perfume, to art, fashion and beyond. 

Finding Home

Invite nature into your home with Finding Home: The Houses of Pursley Dixon (Rizzoli, $55). With a forward by Suzanne Kasler and several unique projects from the acclaimed architectural firm, the book shares how to create gracious homes within the context of its natural surrounds.  

Y’all Come Over

Entertaining is easier than ever thanks to Rebecca Lang’s step-by-step guide Y’all Come Over: Charming Your Guests with New Recipes, Heirloom Treasures, and True Southern Hospitality (Rizzoli; $45). From tabletop settings to recipes, stain removal suggestions, etiquette lessons and tips on writing the perfect toast, Lang doesn’t skip a beat.

Interior Affairs

Celebrate culture, eclecticism and the artistry of women in Mexican designer Sofía Aspe’s new book Interior Affairs: Sofía Aspe and the Art of Design (Rizzoli, $60). Dive into the projects from her all-women studio—including Aspe’s personal home—that showcase contemporary art and design and the radiant colors of Mexico.

Collected Interiors

More is more to designer Philip Mitchell, who in his first book, Collected Interiors: Rooms That Tell a Story (Rizzoli, $55), reveals how to create a connected storyline in your interiors using all of your special belongings. Mixing a range of antiques, vintage collectibles and contemporary pieces, Mitchell embraces modern maximalism by turning each home into a unique, personal oasis.

House Dressing

In her debut tome, House Dressing: Interiors for Colorful Living (Monacelli, $50), Virginia designer Janie Molster shares her secrets for crafting vibrant yet sophisticated spaces that are tailored to a T. With country cottages, riverside manses and Molster’s own urban farmhouse, readers will discover how to implement color, pattern and texture for an ultraglam, deeply personal home.


From classical architecture firm Ferguson & Shamamian, Collaborations: Architecture, Interiors, Landscapes (Rizzoli, $55) takes readers through 14 of the firm’s most character-filled projects. With special emphasis on the art of collaboration, the read affords an insider’s look into private residences across the country.

Feels Like Home

Marian Parsons made a name for herself helping people fine-tune their spaces through her brand, Miss Mustard Seed. Now, she spills her best-kept secrets for a bespoke home in Feels Like Home: Transforming Your Space from Uninspiring to Uniquely Yours (Worthy Publishing; $28).

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