Country Charm

An enchanting horse property just outside the city evolves into a lifelong passion for home and garden design.

Atlanta is renowned for its close-knit design community, but few projects have been as prolific as that of designer Jeff Jones, garden designer Tim Stoddard and the owners of a horse farm outside the city. For more than 20 years Jones and Stoddard have been curating, cultivating and creating a 10-acre property for the proprietors of Traditions in Tile and Stone. “As much as the house and grounds have evolved, so too has our friendship, and it has been a true
collaboration,” says Jones.

Traditions in Tile and Stone was founded in 1936 and remains a leading supplier throughout the Southeast. “When looking for a house near Atlanta, we fell in love with this land and all of its possibilities,” says the owner. However, the 1970s ranch-style house required an extensive renovation to turn it into the charming French country house it is today. “Whenever we had a vision, Jeff and Tim made it happen,” says the homeowner.

Custom millwork and stonework throughout the house exude timeless grace while artfully crafted landscaping softly envelops and frames the home. The marriage of old and new architectural elements continues inside, where vintage French windows with original shutters and an antique French courtyard door establish an inviting aesthetic.

The interiors are eclectic and highly personal. “The owners and I share a similar belief that houses should be pretty, interesting and fun—but nothing should be too precious, and there should always be surprises,” says Jones. When shopping for a master bedroom headboard, Jones and the owner happened upon a French tapestry artist. Inspired by the paintings, they decided to embrace improvisation and European joie de vivre by hanging a custom tapestry as the headboard.

Pops of color charge the living spaces in unexpected ways. From a pair of vibrant yellow chairs in the bedroom to the rousing blue modern chairs in the living room, the furnishings engage the eye and the imagination. “Jeff is a true artist in all that he does, and he makes the process such fun,” notes the owner.

Although there are no longer horses on the property, the gardens have flourished.  Stoddard has created multiple areas around the property for gathering and meandering. Arbors, trellises and intriguing architectural details define the outdoor living spaces. Native species as well as a few formal elements create the same unexpected but artistic tone found inside the house. “Tim’s love of gardens is evident, and he always surprises me,” says the owner.

This 20-year journey might have begun as a design and landscape project, but it has evolved into a captivating secret garden of artistic expression and lifelong friendship.

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