Game Changer

Chef Linton and Gina Hopkins’ Southern-influenced steakhouse C. Ellet’s brings gravitas to The Battery

Chef Linton and Gina Hopkins cultivated a relationship with the Atlanta Braves during the four years H&F Burger operated at Turner Field. When the Braves officially moved headquarters to SunTrust Park and The Battery in March 2017, the new stadium called for a new project. “The kind of restaurant The Battery needed was a modern steakhouse,” Linton says. “Steakhouses have an almost universal appeal, which welcomes people for many occasions, from a casual lunch or a business dinner to a first date or a family birthday celebration.”

The restaurant features more than 17 types of beef cuts (Linton’s personal favorite is the Eureka), but local vegetables and seafood—there’s even a walk-up oyster bar—are also prominent on the menu, offering options for omnivores and vegetarians alike. “I think our diversity is one of the factors that sets us apart,” says Linton. Sleek and modern, the 6,300-square-foot interiors were designed by Brian Buckner of Square Feet Studio in collaboration with Gina, who also serves as the restaurant’s sommelier. Murals by abstract painter Maeve Harris, including one on the ceiling, and a showstopping chandelier by Gabriel Scott create an upscale yet comfortable space. “This is one of the ways we wanted to create our own identity in the steakhouse world,” says Linton. “Modern, sleek, cool and inviting.”