Garden Secrets

Living walls and greenhouse-like surroundings are the backdrop for Buckhead’s newest trendsetting restaurant, The Garden Room

Neighboring the St. Regis Atlanta is a brand new page in the city’s restaurant book. It’s exactly what you might imagine as you read Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden, but more than a fantasy, it’s living and breathing before your very eyes, enveloping guests in a blanket of whimsical sights the second they walk through the door. 

The Garden Room, which was designed by The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry and Boxwoods Gardens & Gifts, acts as the newest concept in the Tavistock Collection repertoire (also known for Atlas). A greenhouse-like glass enclosure surrounds the dining area, while garden details—trees wrapped in twinkling lights, animal topiaries and floral-themed artwork and fabrics—emulate the feeling of dining in the garden. “It’s a space that transforms from a serene environment during the daylight hours—sunlight casting through the overhead vines—to a more energetic vibe at night when the sun goes down and the music turns up,” says Lisa McGee, vice president of Construction & Design for Tavistock Restaurants.

Mimicking the interiors’ colorful energy is the menu, created by the talented team of Garden Room chefs. It’s not uncommon to find edible flowers in your cocktail or a rainbow of ingredients plated like a piece of art, such as in the strawberry pistachio burrata or the “Smash Me” chocolate crémeux. “The dishes were created to be experiential, interactive and most importantly, delicious,” says McGee. “We are more than just tasty dishes and cocktails—we want to create memories and play with all the senses.”