Host the Best (and Most Stylish!) Ladies Luncheon This Spring

Designer Anna-Louise Wolfe hosts a Palm Beach Chic ladies luncheon with delicate florals, shell and silver accessories, and youthful traditional style

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles: Tell us about the theme of your tabletop. What was the inspiration?

Anna-Louise Wolfe: Our theme was silver and shells! My client and I both have a ton of silver—from our families and that we have collected on our own. The seashell mirror that hangs over the antique chest is a focal point in the room that nods to my client’s love for the beach. I have always referred to our decorating style for her home as “Palm Beach Chic.”

AH&L: A luncheon typically feels less formal than a dinner party. What entertaining elements are different when you’re hosting during the day versus at night?

ALW: I wanted it to be a ladies luncheon complete with candy and Champagne, simply so that it would feel more fun and relaxed than a formal dinner party, while still being elegant. I feel like a formal dinner requires white tablecloths and bread and butter plates, but a luncheon can be a little bit more casual while still being proper and pretty.

AH&L: Your design features tons of incredible silver! Tell us more about that.

ALW: Being raised in the South, my client and I both grew up using, inherited, and have a penchant for sterling silver. It’s elegant while still being unbreakable—we are convinced that it will make a comeback.

AH&L: The dining room’s array of playful patterns makes a statement without feeling overpowering. What is your approach to mixing and matching to achieve a sophisticated look?

ALW: I tend to start with what I refer to as the “lead pattern” in the room—which in this case was the wallpaper—and then we selected everything else from there, pulling the colors from the details in the wallpaper. I try to balance the mix of large- and small-scale pattern and solids so that it creates a treat for the eye. But not too much action, or the room will start to feel busy.

AH&L: We spy fun details throughout, from the birds, to the bows on the napkins, and candy hearts on the drinks table. What would you say no tabletop is complete without?

ALW: I am a huge fan of china and have too many collections to count, so I would definitely say pretty plates. I would follow up with flowers, cloth napkins, and some kind of candlelight—it just makes the meal feel more special than the everyday.

AH&L: No gatekeeping around here! Tell us your best kept spring entertaining tip.

ALW: I love to use things in unexpected ways to maximize the space and functionality, so turning the wicker urn into an ice bucket—I will definitely use this idea again. My client and I had been talking about using one of the Mainly Baskets urns as an ice bucket for a while now, so we decided that this was the perfect time to try it out, and it was a hit! I would say just be creative and use what you have.

AH&L: Atlanta comes to life when May rolls around. What is your favorite thing about spring in the city?

ALW: Atlanta truly does shine in the springtime—the gorgeous weather and seeing everything green and in bloom will make you fall in love with our “city in the trees” all over again.