Mother’s Day Magic

NANCY IZLAR and DARBY FALLON CLARK create a memorable tabletop setting for generations to gather using treasured family heirlooms

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles: You have a large family. How did you incorporate six generations into this Mother’s Day luncheon? 

Nancy Izlar: My family has always entertained and used family heirlooms in the process, and I’ve passed those joys on to my daughter, Darby. The silver epergne was my great-grandmother’s while the etched wine glasses, silver tray and flatware are from my grandmother and mother. The Herend china was my mother-in-law’s and the mother-of-pearl flatware was a gift from my father’s wife. Our guest of honor, and our sixth generation, is my new grandson Rivers! 

AH&L: This gazebo setting is charming and memorable. What are other entertaining tricks that captivate your guests? 

NI: Whether entertaining formally or casually, I always use fresh flowers, colored glasses, candles, festive cocktail napkins and a signature drink. 

AH&L: Tell us about your mother’s smart recommendation regarding your silver pattern.

NI: On my 18th birthday, my grandmother took me to pick out my silver pattern, and my mother recommended that I select the same one that she and my grandmother had. Now I have three generations of silver to use when I have large gatherings. 

AH&L: Darby, you’re in your twenties, and it is refreshing to see your interest in entertaining with for silver, china and crystal. Do you think formality will return for your generation? 

DARBY FALLON CLARK: My mother constantly entertained, so it’s always been a part of our lives and we learned to appreciate fine china, crystal and silver. I selected beautiful china for my registry, but it’s not overly formal and it pairs well with my mother’s patterns. 

AH&L: The menus and place cards coordinate perfectly with the tablecloth. Was this custom or serendipity? 

NI: After selecting the tablecloth fabric, Darby and I worked with Blythe Holliday Designs to create them. 

AH&L: How did you imagine this setting and who created all of the beautiful floral work? 

NI: Nancy Izlar Interiors hired Katherine White last summer due to her background in floral work. Katherine owns Gather Wild, a floral and event company, and she and I discussed the look I wanted and we selected the flowers. She did a stunning job creating my vision.  

AH&L: Nancy, what’s it like to celebrate this Mother’s Day with your daughter and new grandson? Darby, how does it feel to be a new mom celebrating with your mother? 

NI: Being a grandmother has brought a whole new dimension of love and joy to my life. I’m so proud of Darby and so overjoyed with Rivers, so it’s going to be extra special this year. 

DFC: Mother’s Day has an entirely new meaning for me, and I now have a greater appreciation for my mother and respect for all mothers.

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