True to Form

Designer Nancy Izlar fashions a spirited yet sophisticated Atlanta condo

Considering the floor-to-ceiling windows, showstopping skyline views and fashion-forward attitude, it’s only fitting that this Buckhead condominium was designed for a homeowner as equally chic and vibrant.

“She was very excited to be moving into this new space that had not only spectacular views but was also more transitional and current than the traditional environment she’d been living in for many years,” recalls interior designer Nancy Izlar of Nancy Izlar Interiors, who started the design process with carte blanche. “She’s very stylish, outgoing and loves to host.”

Versatility was key when it came to creating a welcoming, but stylish home that was also entertaining-friendly. “We needed it to be functional for when she’s there by herself, and also accommodate a dinner or cocktail party, or having a few girlfriends over,” says Izlar.

To create this balance, the designer focused on crafting multifunctional spaces. In the living room, Izlar strategically incorporated an open-back tête-à-tête so that guests could face either the television, the windows or the adjacent sofa and chairs, which could swivel to take advantage of the views if needed. “However she’s entertaining, people can turn their seats around to participate,” says Izlar.

To add warmth to the living room’s singular wall, Izlar commissioned a custom metallic finish by artist Mary Meade Evans that invokes a sense of movement. “It was very stark before, but this added depth and sophistication to the room,” says the designer, who played off the wall’s silvery finish by mixing metals and textures throughout the home. In the dining room, for instance, a Julian Chichester table features an oak tabletop that contrasts with gold table bases, while a burnished gold chandelier from Paul Ferrante creates a “sophisticated but not stuffy” statement overhead.

For a playful dose of color, Izlar incorporated pops of burnt orange throughout the home, particularly in the dining room, which features orange Artistic Frame dining chairs, an orange velvet settee and flecks of orange in the intaglios on the wall. She also integrated the hue into the powder room’s silk shades and the bolsters on the living room’s tête-à-tête.

“It was our way of adding pops of color without flooding the whole space,” says Izlar. And like the home’s overall scheme, “It’s refined and can stand the test of time.”

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