Tour an art-filled home in a Buckhead high-rise that embraces traditional elegance with a modern twist

Susan Bozeman started from scratch to make this downsize project live large for her color-loving client

Prioritizing art and color were the main imperatives interior designer Susan Bozeman was given when she was hired to craft a new home in the Graydon Buckhead. Bozeman, whose firm outfitted the common areas for the entire Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio-designed building, was a natural choice. She set about making the high-floor flat, which features expansive views to the east, west, and north, something special. “Since we took over well before the unit was finished, we customized everything,” says Bozeman of the finishes.

Though the new condo represented a downsize from the client’s previous single-family house, Bozeman and her team made sure that the three-bedroom home felt vibrant and special—an upgrade, even. It started with serendipity: Early on, she found an antique Turkish Bor Oushak rug in an alluring combination of chartreuse, lavender, and blush that inspired the colorways for the entire home. “I wasn’t even shopping for her. I saw that rug and thought, ‘Oh my god, it’s just so unusual. It’s fabulous,’” recalls Bozeman.

While some might have balked at such bold shades, this homeowner was game. “I didn’t have to push anything,” says Bozeman. “I normally don’t decorate with as much color, but she really embraced it.”

With that showstopping piece in place, other compatible items and design decisions quickly followed. A mixture of bold colors and calming neutrals creates a cohesive design that feels both exciting and comforting. A prime example: The library—with no windows—has walls upholstered with saturated chartreuse alpaca wool fabric and matching portiere curtains, punctuated by large-scale art. “It’s so charming. It’s an interior room, so it makes it the perfect opportunity for that [type of design],” says Bozeman.

In contrast, creamy, bright neutrals create a soothing canvas in the open-floor plan living space, with custom white cabinetry in the gourmet kitchen, a plush custom sectional in the living room, sculptural lighting accented by a mix of metals and plush rugs underfoot. The muted palette served to best showcase fine art—some of the very few pieces the homeowner brought from her previous abode—including two Picassos and a Hunt Slonem original painting.

Though Bozeman started from scratch, the home’s mix of antiques, custom furniture, rich wallcoverings, and fine art feels as though it could have been collected and curated over a lifetime. “It was fun mixing new pieces with found pieces to make this home feel really special,” the designer says of her handiwork. “It feels very evolved.”

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