Outfitting Your Office Space

A well-designed office can work wonders. It can not only encourage employees and generate creativity, but also captivate clients. Over the years several dynamic designers and duos in Atlanta have had their work spaces showcased in our magazine. What have we learned from the functionality and furnishings of where these designers do their jobs?

1. Employ Personal Touches

Put a little bit of yourself on display: what you love, where you’ve been, important moments. Consider this design tip to be grown up show-and-tell. In next month’s issue (on newsstands in a couple of weeks!), local designer John Oetgen keeps mementos of his life’s adventures and reminders of what he loves close by, pinned to a folding screen set up right beside his drawing table. Here, at our office, we have abundant inspiration boards. These creative and personal accents in the workplace make the environment conversational and comfortable.

2. Craft Distinct Spaces

Furniture placement is important. Think about the business demands and consider the staff when choosing how to arrange the office. If collaboration is encouraged then have a large, central table to gather around to discuss business matters. If staff members need a place to independently work, there is a way to design a space perfect for collaborating with ease, but also providing privacy when there’s a need. In our May 2010 issue we featured the atelier of Atlanta’s Suzanne Kasler. She decided to have a prominent conference table in the center of her office with individual work stations surrounding it on the perimeter to create a space that facilitates uniting as a team, but also working individually with minimal distractions.

3.Remain Organized

An orderly office leads to productivity, and what client is impressed with clutter? Make sure your supplies are beautifully out of sight. Organization can go beyond a closed closet door or cheap plastic bin. In our January 2012 issue we saw how Barbara Westbrook uses a large installation of shelving and subtle, yet chic, woven baskets for storage that blends right into her office’s aesthetic.

4. Showcase Your Style

Above all else remember that it is your office. It’s a reflection of you as an individual, your company or sometimes both. Use design techniques and tricks that show off your talents and tastes. The Kleinhelter’s are a design duo and loving couple featured in our June 2011 issue. Their work space in Buckhead is a brilliant exhibition of Kevin Kleinhelter’s construction and renovation expertise, as well as Lee Kleinhelter’s eye for decor. Inside, each has their own personal office space that is their style, but also make a lovely pair with unifying similarities like graphic wallpapers, the same vintage Lucite desk and identical oversized custom-made basket pendants.

What is your favorite part of your personal office? What is one of your work space necessities?