Inside Out

A timely renovation by architect Charles Heydt and designer Kay Douglass breathes new life to an Atlanta entrepreneur’s family residence

As the founder and CEO of Ansley Atlanta Real Estate, Bonneau Ansley III is privy to some of the city’s most desirable homes. But no matter if it’s the biggest, brightest or most beautiful home on the block, there’s one steadfast piece of wisdom he’ll always impart to clients: When your home hits the 10-year mark, it’s time for a refresh, he advises. And like any great leader, Ansley is in the habit of practicing what he preaches.

It was just over a decade ago that Ansley and his wife, Jennifer, sought out architect Charles Heydt to draw up a Dutch Colonial-style home in Buckhead’s Peachtree Battle neighborhood. (Its classical interiors were previously featured in the December 2008 issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.) But true to principle, the couple began to think about their home’s next phase as they approached this milestone.

 “If you love your neighbors and location as much as we do, moving wasn’t an option,” says Ansley. “We also have two growing children, so the way we live now looks much different than it did 10 years ago. A lot changes in that time, and it’s important your home reflects that.”

So that their family could remain firmly planted in their beloved Buckhead neighborhood, the couple returned to Heydt to map out new possibilities for their home. The fresh plans called for a complete design overhaul and saw the addition of a generous back porch running the length of the house, providing multiple access points to the backyard. Other functional upgrades include dual islands in the kitchen (one for meal prep and baking, the other for dining and homework) and steel windows throughout, which brilliantly flood the newly revamped interiors with natural light.

To complete their vision of a lighter, brighter and more modern home, the couple tapped interior designer Kay Douglass, whose design resume includes Ansley Atlanta’s Buckhead offices and the family’s vacation home.

Douglass employed a minimalist but warm approach, balancing clean lines and sleek surfaces with a playful periwinkle palette and earthy textures. “The nice thing about this renovation is that they’re now surrounded by exterior space. We were careful about making sure all the fabrics flow nicely, because if you open all the doors, it feels like one continuous space,” she says. “The Ansleys are wonderful hosts and we wanted to give them the ultimate space to entertain.” The new outdoor spaces—from a serene loggia to a pool cabana—tick that box. “When evaluating homes, instead of just counting bedrooms and baths, I count places,” notes Ansley. “Ask yourself, ‘What are the cool places and spaces that this home has?’ That’s really where you’ll be living.”


ARCHITECT Charles Heydt, Pak Heydt & Associates, LLC, (404) 231-3195;
INTERIOR DESIGN Kay Douglass, Kay Douglass Interiors,(404) 995-0802;

BUILDER Mike Hammersmith, Mike Hammersmith Inc, (404) 351-5227;
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT Alec Michaelides, Land Plus. (404) 238-9595;

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