Strong Roots

While embracing the original architecture, ANDREW HOWARD INTERIOR DESIGN ushers an English Tudor-style Buckhead home into its next act

Built in 2001, this Buckhead estate was a true labor of love between its original homeowners and architect Charles Heydt of Pak Heydt & Associates, who worked with builder Bob Dernehl to bring their collective vision of an English Tudor-inspired home
to life.

“To make the house look like it has some age to it, we worked hard to preserve the older trees on-site and bring in older materials,” explains Heydt, who left no stone unturned when it came to authentic detailing.

When the time came for the home to take on a second act with new homeowners—a fun-loving family of four with two young boys—livability, comfort and respect for Heydt’s original architecture were significant areas of focus for interior designer Andrew Howard of Andrew Howard Interior Design.

“They wanted something comfortable, where they could relax and hang out and not feel like people couldn’t sit down on things,” explains Howard. “The architectural envelope was fantastic. When you have that, I tend to say, ‘Let’s rightfully let that be the star here, and we’ll do things to complement it.’”

To allow interior architectural details—such as reclaimed ceiling beams, coffered ceilings, grayed white-oak floors, plaster walls, French oak windows and antique mantels—to shine, Howard kept the color scheme largely neutral with pops of blue and green, and embraced smaller prints and patterns that lend a European feel.

To accommodate the clients’ need for a laid-back retreat, Howard also used low-maintenance and easy-to-clean outdoor fabrics throughout the home. “Outdoor fabrics are so good that they feel just like an indoor fabric, but you can spill on them more frequently and not have to get too worked up about it, especially if kids are in the house.”

In addition, it was crucial to the designer that each public space have a distinct sense of purpose. “You want to give someone a reason to go in each room,” says Howard. In the living room, for instance, a banquette offers space-efficient seating for games of mah-jongg or bridge (the clients’ favorite).

In the family room, Howard opted for a “more loungey and comfortable” upholstered ottoman rather than a coffee table. Likewise, the study was outfitted with custom armchairs that work alongside Heydt’s heart pine tongue-and-groove paneling to create a cozy space for conversation.

“This house was beautiful before I even bought the first piece of furniture,” says Howard. “I just wanted to complement that.”

INTERIOR DESIGN Andrew Howard, Andrew Howard Interior Design, (904) 389-5100; ARCHITECT Charles Heydt, Pak Heydt & Associates, LLC, (404) 231-3195; BUILDER/GENERAL CONTRACTOR Bob Dernehl, The Dernehl Company, (770) 933-8165;